War Against Stagnation

by Arcsecond

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released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Arcsecond Munich, Germany

Arcsecond is a modern fusion band from Munich, founded in 2016

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Track Name: Dance to Anything
can you feel the blood pumping
you have a heart like a metronome
ticking to the call of the siren
makes you wanna spread your chromosomes

in perpetual motion
we are a clockword machine
noise demands devotion
and we will dance to anything

drumming rhythm our father
make us jump shake and quiver
loudspeaker our alter
feed us that sweet soundwave silver

can't stop moving
when the machine keeps going
can't stop moving
can't escape from the rhythm

my body was made for one thing
one thing only
making music
your body was made for one thing
one thing only
dancing to it
Track Name: W.A.S.
shook hands with danger
I became friends with fear
fell in love with a stranger
a virgin horizon was laid bare
take a risk take a wager
dive in to the dark pool of novelty
greatest pleasure when you face her
growth is having sex with uncertainty
endless curiosity
breaking through the clouds of my golden dreams
at the limit of my body
fractals in my head dance to inifintiy
we can walk through the nether
declare this deep night ours
hand in hand - birds of a feather
inhale adventure forever
feeble are the ties that keep your head glued together
sever the threads once defined for forever
you can cut through the ropes that kept you gripped in a fever
burn through the bonds before the call you a believer
Track Name: Fresh New Groove
ice cold grey day knocking at my window
my mood unchanged
my face set to smile
nothing seems to control my flow
in a bad way right now
(I'm in the zone)
got up on the right foot today somehow
I don't even know why I'm doing so well
but nothing seems to control my flow
in a bad way right now
(I'm in the zone)

out of my mind
been domesticated
by a foreign beast

not even the thought of my lost love
is gonna bring me down
I've got this fresh new groove in my head on repeat
and it's playing loud

let's go skinny dipping in the frozen lake we're gonna make use of the cold horrible weather
barefoot skipping through the rain this is the perfect time to dance through the tides of a storm like a feather
I bleed unremitting humour spitting spirits of pleasure as I hover through the aether
Myhaly is my lover
his flow my bread and butter we tether together
like brothers from another mother
Track Name: New World Blues
this is the new world blues
everybody's waiting for the next
superhero move
truth dare or truce
life is so much easier
for the fool

tentacles drag you down under the sea
of infinite choices
will you drown
or will you sing the new world blues
I got so much left to do:

gotta put my face on the cover of the time magazine before my teeth implode
am I the next Clark Kent or should I rather take my rose-colored glasses off
I got the water in my ears shouting go after your dreams before your body gets old
thumbs up you're the next superman you're free until you think too much

A choir of motivational speeches
encouraging me
to find myself
I'd rather find others
And so I'll sing this new world blues
to find you all
and if you like the new world blues, please
return my call
Track Name: Posttraumatic
wrestle with a heavy thought the other night
beat me up it was a little too strong
anything you know is gonna warp if you touch it right
suppose I lacked the power to concern myself for too long
in love with the aftermath of a lost mental fight

posttraumatic pressure warning
can't forget it, too ecstatic
left me crawling, like an addict
sippin' on the nectar of a sugar darling
in my mind she never stoped calling
sweet relief when the morning comes falling
gonna feel so fine when I can stop screaming
bless the healing find the meaning in the pain
oversaturated anesthetics keep 'em coming
questionable break of habit I kept chugging
took a bath in the fallout to taste the numbing
hair of the dog is my favourite food
I got pain in my legs and I love it
crutches in my hands I keep running
all the way up to the summit
gonna be the last thing I'll do
Track Name: Insatiable Hunger
will you satisfy my
unquenchable thirst
my insatiable hunger

right as I breathe you in
to feast and devour
I begin to wonder
if I will repeat myself
after you another

as soon as I'm done with you
they will call me a monster
jealous tongues never speak the truth
I was never your hunter

we both know you also grew
as we swallowed each other
I saw an image of myself in you
like looking into a mirror
we both know you also grew
through the eyes of another

I thought I was in control
a rational thinker
thought I was more than just an animal
of my insatiable hunger
Track Name: Cocoon
from angst and shivers
to peace and bliss
from the milkyway river
to the rain waters kiss

to move
from state to state like a flickering fire
can't choose
the conditions that succeed one another
all desires in a hope to get better
I'll spin myself a cocoon

just the right amount of dirt between my toes
just the right amount of sweat on my skin
soon I'll break every single rule I've ever known
soon I'll fuck up every cover I'm in

I'll emerge with a vigor
so great it will spill over
every friend every animal and every foe
on the verge of lunacy
I dream of a victory
right there on the outside of my cocoon
Track Name: Shaky Fingers
eventually will be tomorrow
we'll all be dust on the meadow
out of the hourglass into our hands
time escapes from those shaky fingers like sand

like the firefly reigns in the thick nights gloom
like the mushroom bloom in the fat shade
like they cherish the night we should cherish our impending doom
there's only joy in the ride that ultimately ends

out of the hourglass into our hands
time escapes from those shaky fingers like sand
like sand
Track Name: King of Nothing
show me the fabric of reality
speculation on thin ice I'm dancing figures around the void it's my specialty
I'm the self-proclaimed crown prince of imagination
on my way to the throne unwavering
nobody might notice nobody might see me
when I take my rightful place on a chair of thin ice in the middle of nowhere
and I shall be called
king of nothing

in love with myself and
in love with the world and
in love with life and
in love with the dark

my teachers could never have taught me the skills that I needed to wrestle the dragons I've fought with
and even after I beat them I sought after battles of greater importance
I never stop dreaming I never stop reaching I breathe in my demons and leap through the ceiling as long as my lungs shout and scream out their meaningless pleading I'm huffing and puffing I'm bluffing and pushing out thin air without content through your ears
but ain't anybody gonna question that my flow is disgusting
no one ever pay attention fuck meaning fuck content oh
I suppose I should have mentioned more often that I am the king
of nothing